Lazy blog: These are a few of my favourite things

Beatles, Beethoven, Biber, Brahms, Bruckner, A Canterbury Tale, Charpentier.M.A, Couperin, Courbet, Ginastera, Harry Potter, Federer, Haydn, Henry V 1945, Hue and Cry, Janacek, If…, Ives, Jason and the Argonauts, Oh brother, where art thou, Kinks, Martinu, Marais, A Matter of Life and Death, Nielsen, Perotin, Poulenc, Purcell, Rachmaninov, Rameau, Ravel, Robin Hood 1938, Scarlatti, Small Faces, Soler, Strauss R, Tallis, Telemann, Victoria, Wagner, Who, Chardin, Courbet, Corot, Hockney, Winslow Homer, Kandinsky, Manet, Nolde, Piper, Redon, Sargent, School for Scoundrels, Van Gogh, Velazquez, Vuillard, Watteau, Went the day well? Zurbaran.