I was born in Maidstone, England and educated at Epsom College and Medway College of Art.

Although it seems a lifetime ago, my career in commercial photography lacked persistance and real application, but the gains were great in several respects. I was lucky to have been able to mix and change the work I was doing, from Editorial to Advertising to Location photography; from Reportage to Still Life to Travel and ultimately to have the freedom to supply commissioned and non-commissioned images to photographic libraries.

Blessed with a limited attention span and a tendency to discover problems where none exist, I get bored with literal repetition whether in my own work in photography, drawing, or painting or in the arts in general, especially music and I often react with volatile, instant criticism. I'm too not-so-young to change now, that's my excuse and, let's face it, the worst that can happen is that I get sent to my room until I've calmed down a bit.

When I lose interest in what I'm doing I reassure, or possibly deceive, myself that something else will take its place. Fortunately, something else usually does, if I keep an open, passive mind. I don't feel I have much conscious, analytical control of what results; could be ethereal, unsettling, optimistic, dark, unpleasant even. As long as it's a bit different I'm happy.

Please enjoy the images.